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Well I don't know where you get your info from, but all the members
of my local FBSD club who use AT&T DSL have to use pppoe  and
dhclient to connect their FBSD boxes to get working connection.  ATT
assigns static ip address to DSL dummy modem and MS/XP does it's own
internal thing to get ppp connection.  All the symptoms stated by
Razor seem to indicate your assumption is wrong by miles.  He can
not reach public internet because he has no connection. Adding hard
coded ifconfig statements to rc.conf will not change that fact or
how his DSL modem is working. And besides nobody picked up on his
hostname= is wrong also, has to be FQDN.

Razor, first thing you do on new virgin install is to ping to public
internet site like to verify you have internet
connection before you start adding firewall or ports. Your second
mistake was to install 5.x which is intended for users who can debug
kernel code. You are in way over your head. All the 5.x releases are
full of development bugs  and you are experienced enough to debug

If I was you I would blow away the FBSD system you have installed
and re-stall using the 4.9 stable production version.  Why fight the
development bugs in 5.x?

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JJB wrote:

>You state.
>"I have DSL and my ISP is AT&T, I have a static IP which means I
>don't need to run PPP to connect."
>That is not true for 4.9 and I have not read anything which changes
>that for 5.x.

This doesn't have anything to do with the version of FreeBSD he is
running. I assume from the fact that he connects with an ethernet
that he is using a dsl modem/router which negotiates the connection
if necessary will be running ppp. In that case, there is no need for
to run ppp.

>Hi everyone,
>I bring an old post again because I have now more information to
>give this.
>My post was this one :
>I just setup a freebsd box with the 5.1 release to be a
>The installation was smooth and to setup the gateway/firewall with
>nat a lot of sources are available on Internet.
>Here is my problem, I can't connect to Internet from the Freebsd
>I have DSL and my ISP is AT&T, I have a static IP wich means I
>need to run PPP to connect.

No, that means you don't have to run dhcp client.

>FreeBSD Internet NIC is : 12.103.21.x
>When I type ifconfig my NIC looks fine, up and running :
>rl0 : 12.103.21.x
>For information the freebsd box contains 2 NIC's one for Internet
>the other for the LAN (
>If I ping myself no problem everything's fine, but I can't ping a
>web address. I don't know if it is possible under unix but I use to
>"ping" for example to know if it's well connected.
>the best proof is when I try to install samba my freebsd gives a
>time out reaching the samba server on the web....

Yes, ping is possible under unix. Try pinging a known numeric ip
first. If that doesn't work, you have a routing/connectivity
problem. If
it does, and you can't then ping a hostname like,
want to check your nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf

To start with, assuming that is your dsl router (and it
needs to be for your configuration to have any chance of working),
you ping that? Next, can you ping, say,

>I also rebuilt the kernel up to those websites wich was fine, and I
>created a natd.conf file.

I don't know what this means.

>Here is my "netstat -r" output :
>Dest                        Gateway                    Flags
>Use         Netif
>Razor                          UGSc
>105        rl0
>12.103.21/24           link#1                       UC
>0            rl0
>             link#1                       UHLW         3
>2            rl0
>localhost                   localhost                   UH
>0            lo0
>192.168.1                link#2                       UC
>0            dc0
>        00:06:5b:b4:41:1c     UHLW         0

There's no default route. You can try setting one explicitly on the
command line but you really want a solution that will survive
If you've been mucking about with ifconfig type statements, try a
to clear the air, then the ping tests (numeric ip of router -
numeric ip
of nameserver - hostname).

I would also recommend you set a proper hostname in /etc/rc.conf -
preferably a real one...


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