configuring freebsd dhcp server/router to listen on device

Anthony Philipp philipp1 at
Thu Apr 8 12:41:44 PDT 2004

Im trying to move away from my linksys wireless router and move onto an 
old Pentium 200 Mhz I have. It will be the gateway between my modem and 
my network. I installed isc-dhcp3 on the box and took the sample dhcp.conf 
file in the freebsd handbook. I edited this file to suite my needs but I 
did not see any mention of how to configure dhcpd to listen on a specified 
device. I searched through freebsd-questions and on google but it turned 
up nothing. Also I have the book "The Complete FreeBSD" 4th edition, but 
it does not mention how to do this configuration either. When I start 
dhcpd it complains that its not listening on any devices. Basically I just 
want to know how to set it to listen to my 2nd ethernet card xl0. 
Thanks in advance for the help. I hope I have provided enough information. 
Anthony Philipp

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