remote install of freebsd via ssh

JJB Barbish3 at
Thu Apr 8 11:49:08 PDT 2004

Install FBSD on local pc and when completed, remove HD and send to
remote site to be swapped with HD there. Then you can ssh into box
and do what ever you want to fine tune install. Anything else is
just asking for problems and down time.

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Subject: remote install of freebsd via ssh

Is there a way (or what is the best way) for installing freebsd
remotely?  I
have a nontechnical person at the site that can put in a cd or enter
a few
commands, but the thought of walking through a full install via the
phone is
not fun.  I would prefer to be able to use ssh for configuring.  Any
suggestions would be a great help.

Brian D.

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