partition deletion and creation

Tadimeti Keshav keshav_tadimeti at
Thu Apr 8 08:23:48 PDT 2004

Hi list,
I have freeBSD installed on my 40 GB HDD with the
foll. layout:
/ = 512MB
(It should roughly total to the max available ~37GB)
I want to have /home resized to 20GB and then create 4
mount points /u01=3GB,/u02=2GB,/u03=512MB,/u04=512MB.

I have 2 options:
1. using /stand/sysinstall-->fdisk to delete /home,
create the new partitions, and then mount the
mount-points. Q=will this format all older partitions
(/usr,/...), forcing me to reinstall FreeBSD again?
Clearly I don't want this. I have spent quite a while
to get the setup running.

2. create links to /home/u01 from /u01, /home/u02 from
ln -s /home/u01 /u01
Can I install Oracle this way?

Since the second Q borders on DB and FreeBSD, I am
sending this to both lists.

Thanks in advance...

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