IPX 802.2 nwfs - works

Feczak Szabolcs feczo at geek.hu
Thu Apr 8 07:24:52 PDT 2004

On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 03:34:26PM +0200, Joost Bekkers wrote:
> > # ifconfig vr0 ipx 2
> AFAIK this sets ipx network 2 on ETHERNET_II framing, your server
> is doing ETHERNET_802.2
And when I compile in 802.2 and ef not, is this the same situation ?

> To be sure of which network number you should use, type 'config'
> on the netware console and look for the nic connected to the segment
> your client is connected to.

That was a good idea, thanks. It helped.

> FYI: you can use the -f option in netstat to filter a protocol (netstat -rnf ipx)

so I have recompiled the kernel with ef again 
and did 

# ifconfig vr0f2 ipx 2
ifconfig vr0f2
netstat -rnf ipx
ncplist s
# ifconfig vr0f2
ipx 2H.c6ee8155b 
inet6 fe80::20c:6eff:fee8:155b%vr0f2 prefixlen 64 tentative scopeid 0x5 	ether 00:0c:6e:e8:15:5b
# IPXrouted
# netstat -rnf ipx
Routing tables
Destination        Gateway            Flags    Netif Expire
1.*                2.c08843ae         UG      vr0f2
2.*                2.c6ee8155b        U       vr0f2
2db6ebf8.*         2.c08843ae         UG      vr0f2
# ncplist s
Visible servers (from SERVER1):
Name                                            Network    Node       Port
----------------------------------------------- -------- ------------ ----
SERVER1                                         2DB6EBF8:000000000001:0451
ncplist v server1

Mounted volumes on server SERVER1:
Number Name
------ -----------------------------------------------
     0 SYS
     1 SDI

so it worked 

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