GTK+ 2.0 problems

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Wed Apr 7 22:46:43 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 09:35 pm, Ralph M. Los wrote:
> OK, trying to make install with /usr/ports/net/grdesktop, I get this:
> checking for gtk+-2.0... Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the
> pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory
> containing `gtk+-2.0.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
> No package 'gtk+-2.0' found
> configure: error: cannot find GTK+ 2.0!
> ===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
> Please report the problem to flz at [maintainer] and attach the
> "/usr/ports/net/grdesktop/work/grdesktop-0.22/config.log" including
> the output of the failure of your make command. Also, it might be a
> good idea to provide an overview of all packages installed on your
> system (e.g. an `ls /var/db/pkg`).
> *** Error code 1
> In fact, the file it's looking for exists here:
> frog# locate gtk+-2.0.pc
> /usr/X11R6/libdata/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc
> So now what?  Plz help - thanks.

Well, grdesktop has a number of dependencies that also depend on 
glib-2.4.0. I would guess that you have some that haven't been built 
since you updated glib to 2.4.0.

The ports that require glib-2.4 look to be smaller than the requirements 
of grdesktop. If you use gnome2, you might download the update script 
from the URL in the gnome2 section of /usr/ports/UPDATING. It appears 
that you need to run it.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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