Vinum + new disk for mirror

Rob Ellis rob at
Wed Apr 7 17:19:29 PDT 2004

Just a follow up on my recent vinum disk replacement question...
I have a two disk mirror and one of the disks died; I'd asked if
I could use dd to copy the good disk to a replacement disk and
was being persistent about whether that would work or not. %-)
I didn't do that (dd).

Instead I followed Greg Lehey's advice and the instructions here:

and it all went fine. There's a note on that page about a
"a bug [that] will cause the state to be incorrect", but
I didn't run into it. My steps were:

  - install the new disk
  - fdisk it with /stand/sysinstall
  - edit the partition table with disklabel to match the 
    partitions on the good disk
  - create a config file -- vinum.newdisk:
       drive vinumdisk2 device /dev/ad2s1d
  - run 'vinum create vinum.newdisk'
  - then 'vinum start data.p1.s0' # etc...

Worked great.

- Rob

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