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Wed Apr 7 15:51:23 PDT 2004

Frank Bonnet wrote:

> Remko Lodder a écrit :
>> Fiore_Mark at wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am using Red Hat Linux 9.0 as a web server running apache. I am just
>>> starting using FreeBSD and I would like to use it instead of Read 
>>> Hat 9.0.
>>> Can you please inform me on how to get a web server & ftp server 
>>> running
>>> using FreeBSD.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mark
> For the FTP server I would recommand pure-ftpd , I don't know
> if it is available from the ports but it compile well with FreeBSD
> and runs like a charm.
> Lot of nice features and secure.
> See at
Hello Mark,
this link goes to a tutorial explaining very nicely what to do..even 
with some bonus :-)

As a recommendation also these links:

Sven Hohage

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