unable to use BOOT EASY to boot linux

RazorOnFreeBSD yann.luppo at attglobal.net
Wed Apr 7 14:41:32 PDT 2004

I had this issue between linux and windows and I had to install Lilo on the
first disk only because bios is giving the hand to the first disk and from
there you can setup your boot loader to recognize all systems available and
where they are.

I am not a specialist there, I just tell you what worked for me and what was
the explanation given to me.

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Subject: unable to use BOOT EASY to boot linux

> hi all.
> I added a 2 GB linux disk as a slave and installed
> Mandrake Linux with LILO on the root partition of
> linux.
> I am trying configure Boot Easy to boot linux.
> Since FreeBSD occupies all of the 1st HD, should I
> install a STANDARD boot loader on first or on both
> Hard disks.
> thx
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