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RazorOnFreeBSD yann.luppo at
Wed Apr 7 13:14:24 PDT 2004


I just setup a freebsd box with the 5.1 release to be a gateway/firewall.
The installation was smooth and to setup the gateway/firewall with nat a lot of sources are available on Internet.
Here is my problem, I can't connect to Internet from the Freebsd box.
I have DSL and my ISP is AT&T, I have a static IP wich means I don't need to run PPP to connect.

FreeBSD Internet NIC is : 12.103.20.x

When I type ifconfig my NIC looks fine, up and running :

rl0 : 12.103.20.x

For information the freebsd box contains 2 NIC's one for Internet the other for the LAN (

If I ping myself no problem everything's fine, but I can't ping a web address. I don't know if it is possible under unix but I use to "ping" for example to know if it's well connected. But the best proof is when I try to install samba my freebsd gives a time out reaching the samba server on the web....

I have setup a firewall_type="OPEN" because i'm still testing but I also setup natd and gateway variables in the rc.conf file to what is needed up to majority of websites about firewall and gateways with Freebsd.
I also rebuilt the kernel up to those websites wich was fine, and I created a natd.conf file.
One more thing I think I didn't use the Domain variable when I set up the NIC from sysinstall.... don't know if it's important!
Well I don't understand why it doesn't work.... The tech guy from at&t hotline told me it's easy as setup a LAN.... "yes you're right my LAN works fine but not Internet!" :S

Please somebody help me !!!!


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