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Wed Apr 7 06:15:37 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 04:06:18AM -0400, Jerry Hatok wrote:
>>   I am trying to copy files from a cd I have into my usr directory.  The cd has one directory with a lot of subdirectories and files.  Is there a command that I can copy everything at once? If so what is it?  If not what would you suggest being the fastest way to copy everything?
> There's many, many ways of doing this sort of thing under Unix.
> Assuming that your CD Rom is mounted under /cdrom and you want to copy
> everything onto /home/jerry/cdimage then:
>     % cd /cdrom
>     % mkdir /home/jerry/cdimage
>     % tar -cvf - . | ( cd /home/jerry/cdimage ; tar -xvpf - )
> However there are any number of commands you could substitute for that
> 3rd line:
>     % find . -depth -print | cpio -pdmu /home/jerry/cdimage
> or, if you're installed the net/rsync port:
>     % rsync -avx --delete /cdrom/ /home/jerry/cdimage/

Are these not a little bit of overkill?  Seems to me (in this case) it 
could be as simple as:

cp -Rp /cdrom/ /home/jerry/

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