private subsubdomains

Sebastian Kutsch freebsd-questions at
Wed Apr 7 03:11:56 PDT 2004


I want to setup subsubdomains to reach individuell PC's in my LAN from
the Internet without portmapping.
I habe got a ADSL line using ppoe to conect to my ISP getting a public
IP on the tun0 interface. Using the no-ip service I have got a subdomain
of the form ppoe and the no-ip daemon are running on
a saperate machin with FreeBSD 4.7 functioning as the network
gateway/router wich is conected with dc0 to the ADSL-modem and with rl0
( to the LAN. What I want is to do is reach an individual
PC from the Internet by using a subsubdomain of the form
I have configured bind 8 running on my gateway so that I can reach the
PC's in the LAN from within the LAN by using i.e.
But trying to reach a PC from the Internet conects me to the gateway.
By reading the Handbook and man-pages I have not got a clue how to
resolve this problem.




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