Mozilla -- No running window. (problem solved)

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Tue Apr 6 13:46:09 PDT 2004

On Monday 05 April 2004 21:50, Malcolm Kay wrote:
> On Monday 05 April 2004 21:07, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> > The next part -- no Mozilla window appearing -- is definitely
> > incorrect behaviour.  You will need to wait for a while for Mozilla to
> > get itself sorted out if this is the first time you've ever run it,
> > but no longer than five minutes maximum.
> Five minutes is a very long time in the computer world; at least for
> program initialisation.
> I was probably too impatient. I'll do a clean up and try again tomorrow --
> the machine in question is at work while I'm addressing these questions
> from home.

It appears I was too impatient -- now working.

Documentation seems to be very poor. I've just finished chasing information
on how to bring the micro text in menus and toolbars up to a readable size.

Thanks for the help.


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