how to access an external HDD via firewire

Tadimeti Keshav keshav_tadimeti at
Tue Apr 6 11:05:26 PDT 2004

I am a total newbie to all things related to USB2 and
I have a 10GB external hard disk formatted in FAT32.
It is the only single partition.
FreeBSD 5.2.1, P3-866Mhz, 256 MB RAM.
Use a PCI Firewire card. DMesg recognizes this as
LUCENT FW 322/323.

I have the foll in my kernel config file:
device firewire
device sbp
device umass
device da
device pass
device scbus

SHOULD I add device fwohci? This is not recognised by

1. I am able to do camcontrol start da0.
2. mount_msdosfs /dev/da0 /bck fails with "incorrect
superblock on da0" or something like that.

Q: Since I am new, what are the steps to be able to
mount and use this HDD?

Any help will be appreciated. I really need to get
this to work.

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