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Tue Apr 6 08:35:59 PDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 07:42:34AM +0000, putnam at wrote:
> I have installed bsd on an a pentium II machine and using the cd-rom.
> As of now it is no longer working properly I cannot finnish installing
> all of the cd's I purchasd. The cd-rom is 40x Delta "I think" model
> #OPC-K105/5 ST1. I am an art studdent with very littl knowledeg of
> computers but am pursuing a degree in architecture and would really
> like to get the most out of learning this OS as I am sure that any
> knowledge of the subject will aid me in the futer. I am looking into
> using AutoCad, MAYA, Photoshop. I would really like to know how to go
> about   setting up a unix inviornment that supports those programs, if
> possible, and has  rendering capabilities for the MAYA inviornment
> posibly linking multiple computers together in a renderfarm. I am
> looking into the G5 but apple doesnt support Autocad as of yet and to
> my knowledge OSx is a unix os. Thank you for your time.
> Joel Putnam

The list will need more info on exactly how far you got into the
installation and exactly where it broke and what your specific problems

As for the applications AutoCad and Photoshop, as far as I know, you
won't find them for BSD or Linux, although there are other somewhat
analagous applications.  Gimp ( may be the closest thing to
Photoshop for FreeBSD.  I'm not sure about AutoCad, but I know there are
CAD programs that have been ported to FreeBSD.  In any event, it sounds
like your installation issues are the first thing to worry about.  It
might also be good to determine now if FreeBSD is going to meet your

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