SQUID ignores /etc/resolv.conf

Yaraghchi, Stephan stephan.yaraghchi at boerse-berlin-bremen.de
Tue Apr 6 02:40:30 PDT 2004

Hi fellows,

Is it possible that SQUID doesn't care about
nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf ?

We experienced the following effect:

in /etc/resolv.conf it says

nameserver a.b.c.d a.b.c.e

When 'a.b.c.d' went down SQUID couldn't do
dns lookups anymore, while the machine
itself could.

Adding the following to squid.conf:

dns_nameserver a.b.c.d a.b.c.e

with 'a.b.c.d' still down produced a delay
of about three seconds and a successful
It seems as if SQUID didn't fall back to
the second nameserver as long it's only
listed in /etc/resolf.conf.

Does anyone experience the same?

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / with kind regards

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