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Tue Apr 6 02:08:17 PDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 12:04:58AM -0600, RYAN vAN GINNEKEN wrote:

> Patch guess i am new to patches in fact this is my first one usually 
> just install the port as is and hope that all the patches are added.  
> Have compiled a few packages from source but would rather not. 
> Oh i think i get it it looks like mergemaster the + gets added and the - 
> gets removed right i will do manually will that work NOPE
> please explain how i apply the patch works as i tried to manually edit 
> the config file and apache did not start at all thank you in advance.  
> Below is a copy of the edited file.
> #!/bin/sh
> PREFIX=/usr/local
> case "$1" in
> start)
>        SSL=ssl
>        [ -x ${PREFIX}/sbin/apachectl ] && ${PREFIX}/sbin/apachectl 
> start${SSL} > /dev
>        ;;
> stop)
>        [ -r /var/run/ ] && ${PREFIX}/sbin/apachectl stop > 
> /dev/null && echo
>        ;;
> *)
>        echo "Usage: `basename $0` {start|stop}" >&2
>        ;;
> esac
> exit 0

Yes -- that's right.  However, for future reference, use the patch(1)
program which can automate all that stuff for you.

All you should need to do is save the message into a file, and then:

    # cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d
    # patch < /tmp/saved-message

You don't even need to edit the saved message to extract the patch
text: the patch(1) program deals with all that automatically.

And you're right -- this is exactly what mergemaster(1) uses.  The
patch is produced by the diff(1) program, which is why they are
occasionally known as 'diffs'.  Note that diff(1) can produce patches
in three different formats, but for historical reasons the default
format is not the 'unidiff' format that basically everyone uses: you
have to type 'diff -u' to get that.



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