not found and general ports question

Gerry Freymann lists at
Mon Apr 5 11:44:23 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004 11:36:42 -0700
Kent Stewart <kstewart at> wrote:

|O|>No, it means you didn't do a 
|O|>portupgrade -rf gettext

 I *did* to a portupgrade -rf gettext. But you may be on the right
track regardless. There was one port skipped, /x11/kdelibs3. I have read
lots to do with the port while searching to fix my problem. 

 I suppose that's the next thing I should correct? and then I can finally
get back to trying to compile flashplugin_mozilla and all of its
requirements [which is where I started 2 weeks ago].


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