Chris Knipe savage at
Mon Apr 5 01:10:46 PDT 2004

Lo all,

How much of SATA is supported in FreeBSD??  A couple of questions if I may....

Firstly, is the Adaptec 2819SA (8-Port SATA RAID Controller) supported by FreeBSD (4.8/4.9), and if it is, will a ufs file system cope with a 2TB, or bigger partition (8 x 250GB SATA).  I then also presume that if the OS supports the partition, I should have no problems in regards to applications reading/writing to and from that partition (samba mainly).

>From what I can see at Adaptec, this card is COMPLETELY hardware based, which tells me that any OS will see the RAID Array as a single hard drive, and therefore it should make very little difference whether or not it is supported.  But yeah, with 2TB, I'd rather not take chances...

The alternative is to build up a new Win2003 Server, and for that I really do not have the patience :)


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