gtk20 failure [ part of 5.2 portupgrade hairball ]

Kent Stewart kstewart at
Mon Apr 5 00:49:48 PDT 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 11:47 pm, Jay Moore wrote:
> On Monday 05 April 2004 01:15 am, Kent Stewart wrote:
> > You have an out of date port that depends on gettext. The current
> > library is When you updated it, it didn't update all
> > of the dependancies. It almost looks like you have a partial
> > install of gtk-2. Try make clean and then make the updated one and
> > follow the instruction to over write the old version..
> make clean on what?... gtk20, or gettext, or expat?

You had the error build gtk20. I would start there.

> And then to update, I do what exactly?
> > Gettext depends on expat and when you -rf update it, you should
> > have updated all of the dependancies. When I list the ports that
> > depend on gettext, it is at least 2 screen high.
> Is there a proper sequence for this?... should I go ahead and do the
> -rf update on expat _before_ I do anything else?

I think I would have done what you did. The problem is that it didn't 
work. Then you have to get out the scalpel and fix things.

The -rf expat has to be done but some of them could be updated already. 
I always build packages and you can tell how far into an update you are 
by doing an "ls -lt" in /usr/ports/packages/All. When portupgrade dies, 
I also copy the reject list and paste it into a file that I can look at 
while I fix the ones that didn't build. It is the things you do when 
something doesn't work that makes a difference. Everyone has their own 
receipe for dealing with problems.

I frequently use a shell script that I call pkgreq. It is

# cat pkgreq
#! /bin/sh
cd /var/db/pkg
pkg_info -R "$1*" | more

You chmod it to 755 and run it like "pkgreq expat". It doesn't always 
work in the middle of an update, but it gives you a list you can check 
off as you build things. For example, any package built after expat 
would not need to be rebuilt and on a slow machine that can make a 
difference. My packages/All is running around 800 MB and I try to keep 
the dups downs.

I also have an alias called search that is 
alias search    'portsearch -n $1'

Portsearch was written by Mark Ovens and does a really nice job of 
formating the b/r-deps. It was written for 4.x and uses INDEX but you 
can modify it to use INDEX-5. On your machine it is probably in

BTW, I updated my P-II 400 from kde-3.1.4 to 3.2.1. That took awhile and 
I was using packages. It also died a few times before I could get 
everything updated. I have "BATCH=YES" in /etc/make.conf so it 
builds/updates everything. There may be some bad remnants lying around 
but I can probably try the -rf expat and see if it works this time.

When I did a startx, most of the kde application buttons were messed up. 
I finally did an rm -rf .kde* from my home directory and it started kde 
up clean like a new install. Then I had the buttons back. I have some 
fonts that I need but that is something I can do later.


> Thanks,
> Jay

Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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