FreeBSD 4.9 / Supermicro 7043P-8R / Crashes After 2-5 Minutes Of Uptime

Gustafson, Tim tjg at
Sun Apr 4 19:29:58 PDT 2004


I have a brand spanking new Supermicro 7043P-8R server with dual Intel
3.2gHZ Xeon processors and 4GB of Kingston memory.

I installed FreeBSD 4.9 on the box and it gives me the following message on
the screen about 2-5 minutes after it finished booting:

boot() called on CPU#0

I get this message no matter whether I leave the console alone or if I log
in and try to work on the machine.

I read a thread about a problem very similar to this from November of 2003,
but the thread seems to have just died without any resolution.

Is this a known issue with Supermicro Motherboards?  Does anyone have any
suggestions as to a potential patch or other fix?

I'm going to start doing the hardware swapping thing in a bit and see if
that fixes anything, but I'd really like to hear back from anyone who has
any experience with this issue.

Thanks a million!


Tim Gustafson
MEI Technology Consulting, Inc
tjg at
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