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Jay Moore jaymo at cromagnon.cullmail.com
Sun Apr 4 15:03:30 PDT 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 04:08 pm, John Duffey wrote:

> > So - again, is there any way to cleanly remove and re-install
> > the entire ports tree from the 5.2 cd?
> Try
>         rm -r /usr/ports
> then

-------- << snipped for brevity >> ---------------

> I'd recommend you try and fix whatever it is that's gone wrong
> with k3b though.
> It'll take far less time.

Thanks for the detailed procedure!

I think I get the point that you and Kent are trying to make. Some patches/
upgrades to the "base" 5.2 system will be required after I get there. 

But I guess I'm not completely convinced that it'll take far less time. I 
started the K3b port install Friday evening... I'm on about the third 
iteration of portupgrade, and each iteration is an _extremely_ long process 
on this old 350 MHz system with 211+ ports. Several of the port installs 
require input from the console to continue, so I've been friggin' chained to 
this desk all weekend long. Too much work, too much time!

Reading /usr/ports/UPGRADING still worries me when I get to the part about 
KDE... at some point during the current "portupgrade" I expect my Konqueror 
windows will start dying off. And I still don't know what I did to (e.g.) my  
OpenOffice install when I responded to the prompts from pkgdb -F with 

On the + side, I have learned some things about FreeBSD which is why I'm here 
in the first place. I think I'm going to take your (and Kent's) advice, and 
let this thing run its course. I've got new info re SSL and the instructions 
in the UPDATING file - and of course the "bulldozer" procedure if that fails. 
But best of all, I've got this list :)  

I'll close this thread for now with my thanks to all. Future issues will be 
posted to the list with the words "[5.2 portupgrade hairball]" in the subject 
(forewarned is forearmed :)

Thanks Again,

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