Gnome 2.6 upgrade

Simon Barner barner at
Sun Apr 4 13:30:10 PDT 2004

andy at wrote:
> I am running 5.2.1 Release with Gnome 2.4.  I have cvsuped my ports
> collection today to the latest update.  What is the procedure to upgrade
> to Gnome2.6?

Hi, as far as I can see, Gnome 2.6 is not part of the ports collection yet.

However, you can try Gnome 2.6-rc1 by following the instructions at

(please report any oddities to gnome at so they can be fixed
before the official release of Gnome 2.6 on FreeBSD)

Speaking of official release: If that is to close to the ``bleeding edge''
for you, just wait until Gnome 2.6 hits the ports tree.

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