ports hosed

Jay Moore jaymo at cromagnon.cullmail.com
Sun Apr 4 13:07:13 PDT 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 02:27 pm, Kent Stewart wrote:

> > Bottom line here (in my case) is this: I'm afraid my ports tree may
> > be BFU; this all started when I tried to install the "K3b" port which
> > apparently has a bazillion dependencies. At least one of the tar.gz
> > files couldn't be located, and things have kind of gone downhill from
> > there :(    For me, I'm afraid that salvation may require "wiping"
> > the entire ports tree, and re-installing it from the 5.2 cd.   Is
> > there a safe & clean way  to do that?
> It was the closest thing to openssl. There is what I think is a problem
> with ports such as openssl. It is in the makefile to portupgrade but if
> you do a make search, it doesn't show up. When you see an obvious link
> problem like you saw, check if you have it installed. If you do/don't
> just upgrade/install what is missing.

Well, done is done... no way I can "back up", and re-visit questions that I've 
already answered incorrectly. And meanwhile my machine is still crunching 
forward with the last "portupgrade -a" that I did - this will likely continue 
for quite some time as it reports 211 ports (and this # keeps growing!) I 
believe I've lost control of the f**g thing...

So - is there a way to go back to "ground zero"?... to just remove everything 
from the ports tree, and re-install from the 5.2 cd?


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