courrier maildir problem after portupgrade

Jason jason at
Sat Apr 3 13:54:39 PST 2004

BSD fans,

I had qmail/courier imapd running fine. I ran portupgrade -ra and after 
everyting was upgraded and restarted, my email works fine. but my courier 
imapd cannot find my ~/Maildir even though it is there. I look in my logs 
and I see that I am getting authenticated with imapd, but all I get when I 
login via imap to the server is
BYE [ALERT] Fatal error: No such file or directory
(I see this via a sniffer trace)

Ive searched google for quite a while, but cant seem to figure this one 
out. How do I specify the default location that courier looks for my 
inbox in a maildir format?


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