Reinstalling OpenLDAP-2.1.28 with SASL support

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Sat Apr 3 12:53:20 PST 2004

I want to be sure I'm doing this right before I start. I currently have
OpenLDAP-2.1.28 port installed on FreeBSD-5.2.1. I need to rebuild it
with SASL support. I have defined WITH_SASL in /etc/make.conf and have
Cyrus-SASL-2.1.18 and saslauthd installed. My directory has plenty of
existing entries and I have dumped them out into an LDIF file.

So, from here, can I just move into the /usr/ports/net/openldap21-server
dir and do 'make deinstall' and then 'make install clean'? I guess my
big question is where will the server end up? My current install is in
/usr and I know ports will usually install under /usr/local, or should I
add PREFIX somewhere for this install? I would like it to just overwrite
the old version, am I planning this right?


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