Installing FreeBSD through FTP

Daniel Hosler h0sl3r26 at
Fri Apr 2 08:43:48 PST 2004

Right now I am trying to build a router using FreeBSD. I have been having 
trouble from the very start. Right now I have two NIC cards connected to my 
FreeBSD box. One is connected directly to my cable modem, and the other is 
connected to my other computer which is running Windows XP. OK, I start the 
FreeBSD installtion and select FTP as my media type. I know which device is 
connected to the internet and I select that one to be configured. It asks me 
if I want to scan for DHCP servers and I say yes. It scans for about 2 
minutes but does not come up with anything. I fill in the information it 
asks, but that doesnt work either. I was whondering if I could set which 
DHCP server the installation could retrieve the information from. I looked 
in options but changing the DHCP server was not there. Please help.
                                                 Daniel Hosler

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