stable and perl5.8.2: PL_exit_flags undefined

Harlan Stenn Harlan.Stenn at
Sat Apr 3 00:37:06 PST 2004

> Well, portupgrade wouldn't run use.perl ports. Look for perl links 
> in /usr/bin. If they don't connect to perl5.8.2, that could be part of 
> your problem.

Thanks, Kent. I'll have to do that tomorrow, as at the moment I have the
ports version of perl uninstalled.  I'll re-install it tomorrow and see
if it does better.

One problem I noticed is the version in work/perl-5.8.2/perl (or wherever)
is fine when I run "make test", but after "make install" it stops working
with the same problem.

I'll attack it again after food and sleep.


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