Problems installing to AMI MegaRAID array

Chris Shenton chris at
Fri Apr 2 15:40:15 PST 2004

freebsd at writes:

>  It has a 'RPX' module installed which enables RAID on my 8 4.3GB SCSI
> drives, apparently via an AMI MegaRAID controller.  I've been able to get
> into the MegaRAID bios setup and configure an initialize a RAID volume,
> but FBSD can't find it.
> I've installed FBSD on several RAID systems before, so I didn't think it
> would be a problem.  But the GENERIC kernel doesn't seem to find the
> controller.

I have a DELL-branded "CERC" AMI MegaRAID IDE RAID board. FreeBSD
recognizes it as the normal AMI SCSI RAID card with driver "amr".
It's my only disk media.  I built an array in BIOS then installed
FreeBSD on it.

When installing FreeBSD-5, I think I had to use the 3rd floppy image
which had the "amr" driver on it, as I don't believe it was built into
the kernel on the boot/root floppies.  After install, I added "amr" to
my kernel def and rebuilt.  I see now my GENERIC file has "amr" in
it.  Perhaps I'm confused or maybe it didn't have it back then.

So if you've already got FreeBSD installed make sure it has the "amr"
device built in.  If you're installing from scratch, check the 3rd
floppy for stealth drivers.

Not sure this helps for your specific hardware but it's worth a shot.

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