Problems installing to AMI MegaRAID array

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Fri Apr 2 13:50:50 PST 2004

If it's a zero channel RAID controller, it's probably not supported. I know
the Mylex Zero channel ones were very popular in this generation of machine
so that's the first thing I'd check. If the SCSI cable to your array hooks
up to the onboard controller, its zero channel (or something equally
unsupported) and you're best bet is to get a full RAID controller (like the
AcceleRAID 250 on ebay for $60US). The Symbios BIOS is likely coming from
the onboard controller which is disabled when you add the RPX module. You
can see the board diagram here if your really interested in play the
find-the-chip game :)

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Subject: Problems installing to AMI MegaRAID array

Howdy all,

I just inherited a Micron NetFrame MV5000 (Intel 440LX, Dual PII-300; full
 It has a 'RPX' module installed which enables RAID on my 8 4.3GB SCSI
drives, apparently via an AMI MegaRAID controller.  I've been able to get
into the MegaRAID bios setup and configure an initialize a RAID volume,
but FBSD can't find it.

I've installed FBSD on several RAID systems before, so I didn't think it
would be a problem.  But the GENERIC kernel doesn't seem to find the
controller.  It sees the Symbios Logic SCSI controller, the DAT & CD-ROM,
but none of the drives or logical disks.

If I remove the RPX module from the mainboard (a rather simple card with
battery, flash and a couple of DIMMs & sundry other minor chips) I no
longer get the AMI MegaRAID BIOS option (makes sense) and each drive spins
and shows up during the Symbios Logic init on boot.  The RPX board doesn't
have any chips that are labelled AMI (or LSI, for that matter), so I don't
know how to determine the actual RAID chipset.

Anyone have any suggestions as to making this work?


Brad Waite
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