VMware3 Full Screen Panic

John Delinocci delinoccij at corp.earthlink.net
Fri Apr 2 12:01:33 PST 2004


I have been trying to get vmware3 to run in full-screen mode under
FreeBSD 5.2.x for some time now.  I have searched around for people who
are having similar issues and have had no luck with the information that
I have found.

I have done enough testing to know that the issue is not related to my
specific OS level and guest operating configuration so I won't dump this
email with dmesg and all that white noise.

Basically, I get the following error when trying to go full-screen with
VMware 3 under FreeBSD:

VMware SLAVE PANIC: (MKS) BUG F(785):395 bugNr=1294
VMware SLAVE PANIC: (MKS) NOT_REACHED F(620):874 bugNr=5188

Sorry if this has already been covered, I haven't found anything that
helps me.  So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


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