OSX and Freebsd : what could be a good setup

Kevin Stevens Kevin_Stevens at pursued-with.net
Fri Apr 2 10:37:50 PST 2004

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Panna wrote:

> I've purchased a new emac with OSX 10.3.
> It's soon to arrive and so I'm thinking about a good way of interacting
> the emac - which will be my main desktop - with my 5.2.1 server.

> Until now I used a windows laptop with xp and the files where shared
> with samba.

You can do Samba out of the box with OS X.

> So I thought that using an unixoid os would bring some advantages :-)
> I think that I'll use hfs+ on the emac.

HFS is not an option on the OS X box.  UFS is, but the performance is
absolutely terrible.  For example, loading 10,000 message files from
Leafnode takes about three seconds when the store is on HFS+, and about
nine minutes when the store is on UFS.  (2xG5, 1.5GB ram, 250GB SATA)
It's supposed to be getting better next version.

> I've read about the hfs and hfs+ port but I doesn't want to take a risk.

Not needed, see below.

> The freebsd server should act as mail and news-server and also as file
> server.

Worked fine for me until I replaced the FreeBSD server with an OS X G5.  I
used sendmail, UW-IMAP server, and Leafnode for news.

> Do I have to put the data on a fat32-slice?


> If I setup a nfs-mount on the freebsd server and copy data from OSX to
> it, is the data readable from Freebsd without the hfs port?

Yes.  Run everything on the server as native UFS (or whatever FreeBSD
calls it).  Export as NFS or CIFS as you please.

> You see I'm in a state of confusion..

Pretend the OS X box is just another Unix client.  There's no need to
provide any special accommodation for it from the server side.  For the OS
X box itself, use HFS+.  You can set up multiple partitions if you like, I
use one for the system, one for apps, and one for user home and data

See fink and darwinports for open source port/packaging systems.  Neither
as good as FreeBSD ports, but what is?


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