OSX and Freebsd : what could be a good setup

Peter Risdon peter at circlesquared.com
Fri Apr 2 09:01:36 PST 2004

Panna wrote:

> I've purchased a new emac with OSX 10.3.
> It's soon to arrive and so I'm thinking about a good way of 
> interacting the emac - which will be my main desktop - with my 5.2.1 
> server.
> Until now I used a windows laptop with xp and the files where shared 
> with samba.
> So I thought that using an unixoid os would bring some advantages :-)
> I think that I'll use hfs+ on the emac.
> I've read about the hfs and hfs+ port but I doesn't want to take a risk.
> The freebsd server should act as mail and news-server and also as file 
> server.
> Do I have to put the data on a fat32-slice?


> If I setup a nfs-mount on the freebsd server and copy data from OSX to 
> it, is the data readable from Freebsd without the hfs port?


A computer only needs filesystem support for drives that are physically 
mounted in it. When two machines talk across a network, they transfer 
data using network protocols, not mutual filesystem support.

But it might also be worth considering installing the net/netatalk port. 
That way, the mac will be able to mount a network share on its desktop 
and you'll be able to use it just like the local hard drive.


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