License for vmware 3 (emulators/vmware3)

pUb_ BRonX pub_bronx at
Fri Apr 2 07:41:07 PST 2004


I need to use vmware under FreeBSD. Since vmware4 isn't ported yet (although 
I own I license for that version...), I need to use vmware3. I can't buy any 
license for that version, so I have to use evaluation licenses. The problem 
is that I don't think it's possible anymore to request such a license for 
this old version of vmware...

Is there a FreeBSD "official" answer or a legal way of solving that problem 
? I hope I won't have to do with a cracked serial number, even if it is so 
easy to find !

One more question : are there plans for vmware4 to be ported to FreeBSD ? 
I'm sure that many people would *really* apreciate !

Thank you in advance.

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