Critical mmap failure?

Konrad Heuer kheuer2 at
Fri Apr 2 00:30:52 PST 2004

I've a couple of systems running FreeBSD 4.9; they all share /usr and
anything below by nfs. There are (at less) two applications that do not
run or do not run correctly on one distinguished system, but correctly on
each other machine.

One application is mozilla; it stops shortly after invocation with the
following error message:

INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: JavaPluginFactory5 init - no agent?

System error?:: Cannot allocate memory

Analyzing the problem with "truss" shows an error while mozilla calls

mmap(0xbfaef000,65536,0x3,0x400,-1,0x0) ERR#12 'Cannot allocate memory'
mmap(0xbfade000,65536,0x3,0x400,-1,0x0) ERR#12 'Cannot allocate memory'

On the other systems, there are no errors:

mmap(0xbfaef000,65536,0x3,0x400,-1,0x0) = -1079054336 (0xbfaef000)
mmap(0xbfade000,65536,0x3,0x400,-1,0x0) = -1079123968 (0xbfade000)

* Other "mmap" calls that do not require MAP_STACK (0x400) do not lead to
  errors anywhere.
* All kernels are compiled with -DVM_STACK since this is default on i386.
* The value of the variable vm.max_proc_mmap is not higher on any of the
  systems which do well than on the problematic one.
* The same holds for resource limits.
* The machines in question are all DELL PowerEdge 2650, three with
  RAID controllers, one without. The main difference in hardware is
  that the system on wich the error occurs has 4 GB of memory, the
  others 2 GB. There are no significant differences in the kernel
  configuration files except driver entries for RAID or not.

Any idea that may help is very welcome, since the other application that
fails is a commercial linux binary calling "linux mmap" frequently and
producing wrong data (possibly the return code of "mmap" isn't checked).
This application is very important for us, and does not do anything than
reading and writing data and calling "mmap".

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