Wireless Card Issue AFTER Install

Craig Booth craigbooth at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 1 18:53:47 PST 2004

I have set up my Sony VAIO PCG-FRV27 laptop as a dual boot machine between
Win XP Pro and FreeBSD.  
I am using a Linksys Wireless card connecting through a Linksys router.  
My install successfully enabled and used the wireless card and router to
install directly from the FreeBSD ftp site (after CD boot) and completed
with no errors. 
Even though my rc.conf file is verified as setup with "DHCP" and the pccard
enabled, and even though the startup processes appear to find and enable the
card ok, I can't connect back to the ftp site to download more stuff unless
I use the CD to restart the install over the ftp site again.  It either
can't resolve the ftp site, or hangs during the attempt.
I have read where this can sometimes happen with dual boot machines when the
other OS doesn't properly release the card, but I have tried unplugging the
machine, removing and putting back both the card and the laptop battery
before rebooting, and it still doesn't work.  I am getting the [Null] [Null]
message after the Linksys Card Found message during startup, as my earlier
reading about the problem discussed, but nothing seems to change that,
unless I reinstall FreeBSD from the CD (which I'm obviously not going to do
everytime I want to use FreeBSD!)  
Two things I notice when I go to set up the media in SYSINSTALL.  The
gateway address ( and the DHCP assigned address (range starting
with, both present on this same screen when booting from the
CD, are missing from the DHCP config screen that comes up just before
SYSINSTALL attempts to connect to the ftp site, though the connection
attempt still fails if I enter the info back in manually before trying to
connect.  Also, a message comes up before that which says something about
being in multiuser mode, and ask if I want to assume network settings are
already correct.  (or something like that)  This multiuser message is not
present when booting from the CD.
Any guru out there that has the knowledge to provide some advice to persist
the use of the Linksys card beyond the first install?


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