Install/Upgrade to 5.1

CJNoyesSW at CJNoyesSW at
Thu Apr 1 17:30:33 PST 2004

I have a couple of problems. I joined one of the lists but I am not getting 
anything from that list. The email that I joined under is 
cjnoyes at I downloaded I believe the 5.1 release. I made the 2 floppies and tried to 
get it to boot. It gets up and has a page fault and reboots the system. The CD 
won't boot on my system. I have a Yamaha SCSI CD-ROM with a supported Adaptec 
board. In 4.0 BSD sees the Yamaha drive but won't mount it. Only the older 
useless IDE CDROM is in fstab.

Christopher J. Noyes

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