installing fbsd 5.1 with a cordless keyboard/mouse

FreeBSD Beni beni.brinckman at
Thu Apr 1 11:32:29 PST 2004

Hi list,

I'm having a serious install problem. Trying to install a 5.1, clean install. 
Booting from the cd is no problem, i'm getting in the bootmenu. Starting the 
hardware detection, no problem. But then arriving in Sysinstall, i can't use 
my keyboard any more. It's a cordless usb keyboard. So in sysinstall  there's 
no way of choosing any option... If i boot into the bootpromt, i can type 
there (taking option 6 : escape to loader prompt).
From the prompt, i can "enable-module ukbd", do a "load ukbd", even "set 
kbd_install_cdev=YES" is Ok. But then when doing a "boot" i get "ukbd module 
failed to register 17".
It's a cordless usb keyboard (and mouse) and there is no ps/2 plug in the 
computer and yes, i checked the back of the computer :-)
How do i get sysinstall to see my usb keyboard ? Don't leave me stuck with 
winxp, i would like my fbsd back please !
Thx !


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