NIC question...

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Apr 1 09:30:37 PST 2004

	Hi folks,

	On my HP computer, Redhat has this listed as its NIC:

	Ethernet controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] 79c970 \
	[PCnet 5778-LANCE] (rev 25)

	In the KERNEL configuation files I grep'd the following 
	re the AMD NIC:

	device          pcn             # AMD Am79C79x PCI 10/100 NICs

	In the new DNS server I'm building, is the following ifconfig
	line correct for the first AMD NIC:

	ifconfig_pcn0="inet  netmask"

	(To get my net link working is most important, but there are
	webserver and mailserver issues too.  It'd be great to just
	switch cables and have everything Just-Work {TM}, but that
	seems unlikely!!!)

	thanks for any insights,


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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