installing with "packages-4-stable"

Mickael Suzenne m.suzenne at
Thu Apr 1 07:28:41 PST 2004

Dear team,

I'm currently installing a new server from scratch with the 4.9-RELEASE
However, I would rather have to install the base system from the CDROM and
all the rest from FTP.

Ok, this would work very well (It's my 20th server I install by this way
:-), fine), but I would rather pick the packages from the "package-4-stable"
repository. Ok, that's right if I do "pkg_add -r" I will have
the right package and all its dependancies fetched from the right place. But
what if I (or an another sysadmin) do the install from sysinstall ? It would
fetch from 4.9-RELEASE !

Is there any solution for this ?


m.suzenne at

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