Portable mass-storage support...

Ed Budd ebudd at grokking.org
Thu Apr 1 05:15:02 PST 2004

Nick Fahey wrote:

>I'm looking to build a 'tapeless' backup system using a FreeBSD backup
>staging server running both fixed and portable hard drives. The portable
>drive I fancy is the LaCie 'Pocket Drive' with both USB2 and Firewire
>interfaces. See:
>The hardware compatibility guide does not mention these products. The
>results of various google searches on the subject of USB mass storage
>support in FreeBSD suggest that this area is still generally not well
>supported. Has anyone had any experience with these particular drives
>(or any other portable mass-storage solutions) under FreeBSD 4.9 or
>5.2.x? I would love to wave goodbye to tapes forever! Thanks in advance
>for your responses and suggestions.
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I've used the Lacie USB 20G model with FBSD 5.1 REL and it worked fine
once I enabled the appropriate kernel config sections concerning USB and
made certain I had the correct filesystem support. I believe it only
works at USB 1.0 speeds though so you won't get as fast of throughput as
those devices can do. I seem to recall you just mount it as /dev/da0 or
something similar. Try Google as I believe I found all the info. I
needed to do this from reading list archives.


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