question about FreeBSD

Alex . samart_zone at
Thu Apr 1 01:59:53 PST 2004

Dear, FreeBSD Team
	I am writing to ask for about my problem with FreeBSD , I am a newby , so 
let's say about my question
	I use Personal Computer  and I've Create for 4 partition ,3 for using in 
Window and the last one for using in FreeBSD.  I have  installed Windows on 
my PC and when I wanted to install FreeBSD  I boot up with CD-ROM
at first everythings ok  so after that I boot my PC into FreeBSD  and It had 
something wrong  it stopped at " Mounting root at ufs:/dev/md0 "  ( the 
first times boot with harddisk ) so I try to ask someone about this but it 
didn't get better so i decided to install it again
       But !!! I really confuse evenif it booted with CD-ROM  but the same 
problem still have  ( I always boot in default mode )
	Hope to hear from you

Thank you,

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