dhcp on one of 2 nics

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Sun Nov 30 16:52:53 PST 2003

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> From: Ken Vescovi
> Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 9:31 PM

> I think I can handle the dhcp config, it's just a matter of solving the
first problem.
> There are no errors in dmesg,but they are both using irq11 as follows:
> pcic0 irq 11 at device 3.0 on pci0
> pcic1 irq 11 at device 3.1 on pci0
> Memory allocation is different for each.
> 0x88000000
> 0x88001000

If the cards and/or motherboard are older, I suspect you need to find out
how to set the interrupt to different values for each card.  When setting
those interrupts, you must not conflict with any other interrupts that are
in use by other hardware.  However this advice may be null and void because
as I understand it, some newer stuff will actually share interrupts.

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From: "Ken Vescovi" <vescovi at ctcnet.net>
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 10:06 PM
> I finally got cable modem access here in the backwoods of west-central
> PA.
> I want to set up my Dell Latitude running 4.8 as a gateway doing PAT and
> using ipfw.
> I have 2, 3c589c cards and need one to get an address from the cable
> company via DHCP.
> The other nic will be configured as the gateway for my home net.
> Problem one:
> Card 2 is recognized, but I get this message "No free Configuration for
> card 3Com corp' and no device id is assigned.
> It doesn't matter which slot the card is in, it seems to only recognize
> the first and give it device id ep0.
> I removed the 'default' setting from pcic1 in the kernel config as
> follows:
> device          pcic0   at isa? irq 0 port 0x3e0 iomem 0xd0000
>         device          pcic1   at isa? irq 0 port 0x3e2 iomem 0xd4000
> But it's still not recognized.  Any suggestions?
I don't really know about this one but I don't any changes are needed in
your kernel config.  You must have the right driver compiled in as it
recognizes one card.  If the cards aren't plug-n-play, are you sure both
cards are set up to use different interrupts and memory areas?  Are both
cards seen in your dmesg output?
> Problem 2 is how do I configure one nic for dhcp and the other for
> static.  I can do the static config,
> but how do I config the system to have static on card 1 and dhcp on card
> 2?
man rc.conf and man dhclient.  You use rc.conf to specify settings for each
NIC and dhclient will get setup info from a DHCP server.
Ken Vescovi

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