Gerard Samuel fbsd-questions at
Sun Nov 30 12:53:21 PST 2003

On Sunday 30 November 2003 03:39 pm, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	 Melvyn Sopacua's advice resolved this php4 snafu.  lang/php4
> 	 comes first, mod_php4 falls into place cleanly.  The problem
> 	 now (with BBS software not in the ports tree) is that my
> 	 mysql4 and postgresql7 are not visible ... .
> 	 The fudforum2/install.php script displays::
>    FUDforum can utilize either MySQL or PosgreSQL database to store it's
>    data, unfortunately, your PHP does not have support for either one.
>    Please install or load the appropriate database extension and then
>    re-run the install script.
> 	Similar things happen with phorum-3.4.4.
> 	I've set up database hooks in both databases, but because
> 	the screen goes unpredictably blank I'm evidently messing
> 	up with my db hooks.

When I ran make install in lang/php4, I was presented with a page, 
to select extentions.
Of which mysql is on by default, and you can select postgresql if needed to.
I currently have both running smoothly with php without any problems.
Just remembered...
The latest php port installs postgresql-client-7.3.4_1
I had to install postgresql-7.3.4_1 separately.
But for mysql it should already be in there.
Create yourself a phpinfo() page and see what what with your install...

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