How to determine which distribution sets were installed

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On Sunday 30 November 2003 08:52, Allan Bowhill wrote:

> On  0, Paul van Berlo <pvanberlo at> wrote:
> :Hello,
> :
> :is there an easy way to determine which distribution sets were installed
> :during the FreeBSD installation and after that? I inherited a server and
> :want to make sure what is and is not installed. Of course I can do all of
> :this manually, but I was hoping FreeBSD keeps a log or something
> :somewhere.
> I am not %100 sure, but I think you might have to do it manually. I
> don't think FreeBSD keeps records of what was originally chosen
> in /stand/sysinstall for distribution sets on a first-time installation.

Right - because it doesn't make sence to do so.
If you choose 'developer' during the 'standard installation' but later install 
the XFree86 port, you essentially now have an 'X-Developer' distribution set.

In a well-maintained system, /etc/make.conf should reflect any alterations to 
the base installation and the rest can be found in /var/db/pkg/*.


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