How to determine which distribution sets were installed

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On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 10:24:48AM +0100, Paul van Berlo wrote:

> is there an easy way to determine which distribution sets were installed
> during the FreeBSD installation and after that? I inherited a server and
> want to make sure what is and is not installed. Of course I can do all of
> this manually, but I was hoping FreeBSD keeps a log or something
> somewhere.

Well, you can assume that the base system was installed or you
wouldn't have a machine to run.  The other stuff you can install at
that stage from sysinstall(8) is basically the contents of /usr/src or
/usr/ports -- so if there's stuff under those directories then you can
definitely say that *more* than base was installed.

However, don't assume that everything necessarily was installed
through sysinstall(8) -- it's common to maintain the system sources
and the ports tree using cvsup(1): see the contents of /usr/sup for a
log of what has been installed.  Look at the timestamps on the files
under /usr/obj to see when the system was last rebuilt.  Or use the
'uname' command to show when the running kernel was compiled:

    % uname -v

The third big chunk of stuff that you can install from sysinstall(8)
are pkgs -- although these are generally installed either using the
pkg_* tools from a running system, or (preferably) by compiling the
port.  Either way, you can get a listing of what's installed by:

    % pkg_info -Ia

(or even just 'ls -la /var/db/pkg').  See also pkg_version(1) for
comparing the version numbers of what's installed with what's
available in your ports tree.



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