sendmail newbie question

Marty Landman MLandman at
Sat Nov 29 16:28:24 PST 2003

Woops.... heh heh heh

At 06:33 PM 11/29/2003, Steve Bertrand wrote:

>What command are you using to send the mail?

FreeB sendmail Marty at SwamiSalami
Hello there
FreeB mail
Mail version 8.1 6/6/93.  Type ? for help.
"/var/mail/Marty": 0 messages
& q

>Are you sending to an actual domain on the box?

Huh? (warned you I didn't know my shirt from my socks). I have a root acct 
and user acct (Marty) and the /etc/hosts file has defined my ip as 
SwamiSalami. The root account does get its mail, but attempts to send mail 
to Marty fail.

>Depending on how you are sending mail, you may need to set up local-hosts 
>and relay-domains files. Let us know your

I won't even try to answer, will just make me sound even more foolish.

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