System hang when installing 5.1

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Sat Nov 29 12:16:41 PST 2003

You do know that the 5.x versions of FBSD are the development
versions. It is not uncommon to find bugs in the development
version. As an non-developer (author of code)  You should be using
version 4.9 the current production version. You stand good odds that
the problem you are having with 5.1 will not occur with 4.9

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I have flashed BIOS to latest version - no change.

A Google search located another person with the same computer and
problem as
I.  His lockup was while installing RedHat Linux.  I post a reply

---> The OS should either be built with USB keyboard support so
---> that when the USB host controller driver disables legacy
---> emulation you still have a working keyboard, or the OS
---> should be built with _NO_ USB support, so that the BIOS
---> will continue providing legacy emulation support for your
---> keyboard & mouse.

Does this make sense?  If so, how can I get an updated ISO image to
begin my
installation?  I do not have any working FreeBSD systems, so can not
the kernel myself.

Thanks for the help!

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>Subject: Re: System hang when installing 5.1
>Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 05:13:20 -0000 (GMT)
>When i first attempted to install freebsd via cds(4.8 annd 5.1)
>My pc would hang on boot exactly like yours(at the same point). I
>attempted to flash the bios on the pc with a newer version. After
>update i had no problems booting 4.8 or 5.1.
> > I am attempting to install 5.1 on two identical IBM NetVista
Model 6645
> > W2U
> > legacy-free computers.  When booting from the distribution CD,
> > computers appear to hang immediately after to boot loader is
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------------
> > CD Loader 1.01
> >
> > Building the boot loader arguments
> > Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
> >
> > (no further activity)
> > ---------------------------------------------------
> >
> > I am installing FreeBSD 5.1 which was purchased in the boxed
> > Previously, I attempted to download the ISO for 4.9.1 and it
> > any message at all.  The system is able to successfully boot and
> > installation of other operating systems (various Microsoft
> >
> > Being legacy-free, the system is a bit unusual.  It has no PS/2,
> > parallel ports.  Further, it does not have a floppy drive.  The
> > drives
> > it has are CD ROM and a 7.x GB hard drive.  The only connectors
are (5)
> > USB,
> > (1) PCI ethernet (Intel chipset), VGA, and sound.
> >
> > When booting the FreeBSD 5.1 CD, I have only a VGA monitor and a
> > USB keyboard.
> >
> > I don't know what additional information I can provide.  If you
> > -
> > just ask.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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