connection to remote printer is down

Charles Howse chowse at
Sat Nov 29 11:32:34 PST 2003

On Saturday 29 November 2003 01:03 pm, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 12:26 AM -0600 11/27/03, Charles Howse wrote:
> >I have an HP1100 printer that I set up on machine "moe" with
> >apsfilter, and is  working perfectly.
> >
> >I'm trying to setup machine "larry" to print text only to the
> >printer on  "moe", but I'm not getting anywhere.  Jobs get
> >into the local spool, but time out waiting on the remote
> >machine to "come up".  I can ping the remote  machine with
> >no difficulty.
> >
> >I have the following in /etc/hosts.lpd:
> >
> >[charles at moe ~]$ cat /etc/hosts.lpd
> ># $FreeBSD: src/etc/hosts.lpd,v 1.4 1999/08/27 23:23:42 peter Exp $
> >#
> ># See lpd(8)
> >#machine.domain
> >
> >
> >
> >Here's larry's /etc/printcap:
> >
> >lp|hp1100:\
> >
> >         :lp=:rm=moe:rp=hp1100:sd=/var/spool/output/moe:lf=/var/log/lpd-er
> >         :rs:
> In your /etc/hosts.lpd file, you specify a fully-qualified
> name for 'larry'.  But in your printcap file, you specified
> only 'moe', and not something like ''.
> That seems a bit inconsistent to me, but I assume it is not
> too important.
> To me, it looks like lpd is not accepting remote connections
> on moe.  That would happen if lpd is not being started during
> system startup, or if you have started it up with the '-s'
> ("secure") flag.  What do you see if you type the following
> command on moe:

The -s flag was the problem.  Thanks!

May I ask another printer-related question?

Using KDE, is there a way to change the quality or resolution of a print job 
on the fly?  For example, when I open KEdit to print a file, I don't have an 
option to print in a different resolution or to lower the quality setting.

I'm having to edit /usr/local/etc/apsfilter/hp1100/apsfilterrc and change 
things to suit me before each print job at a different setting.


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