phpbb and phorum --> clear|empty|(white) screen during install

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Nov 28 23:30:10 PST 2003

	I'm stumped.  

	After I upgraded phpbb (from 2.0.4 to 2.0.6), I get an
	empty, white screen.  --I re-installed everything, including
	dependencies before deciding t try phorum.

	Only the first two 'Install' pages of Phorum work.  I've
	set up both mysql and pgsql and follow Dan Langille's
	tutorial but the last setup pages are void/empty.
	(v. 3.4.4)

	Anybody know where I'm messing up? Clues to debug?

	tia, people,


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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